Dena Ferreira

Jason Homa Photography

Food to Fiction is a place for me to express my heart’s desires, wishes, fears and dreams.  I do much of this through the medium of culinary arts, writing and story-telling.  Sometimes the taste of something, or the frangrance of a particular fruit or spice will bring back a strong memory; the writing muse will appear and say, “Doesn’t that remind you of your Uncle Tippy’s farm?”  When that happens, I both, want to cook and put pen to paper, writing down the images that take up residency in my head.  I hope to inspire my daughters first, others second, serve God always and laugh and cry as-if no one were watching!  Thank you for visiting my page and please leave a comment or send your questions.

News flash!! Just starting to offer personal chef services. For more information go to Facebook page or Thumbtack to book me.

I’m always looking for ways to help market my services. Thumbtack is a good way for me to help me show off my expertise in doing children’s picnics and birthday parties; offering more than just pizza and chicken fingers. I can also do small cooking classes in your home. CALL me today and let’s collaborate your next event! Check out my profile to learn even more about what I do with the word “Thumbtack” linked to your Thumbtack profile.


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